Our story

As any parent will tell you, spending time with your children can be a magical time, exploring the countryside or playing in the park and creating memories that you will look back on and cherish. 

What isn’t mentioned as often is that those long idyllic summer holidays, coupled with the traditional British summer weather, can mean franticly looking for indoor activities to keep your kids occupied and entertained while the rain pours down!

Thankfully, my girls have always enjoyed baking with their Mum and me, so we had a go-to activity to keep the whole family entertained for an afternoon, that also produced a steady stream of tasty treats!

I started MoldyFun.com in 2016 with a few Star Wars and Batman molds that the girls loved baking with, but we’ve quickly expanded and are now a one-stop-shop for exclusive Resin Art and Cake Art mold designs.

During the period 2016 through 2019 we added new Giant Pink Biscuit Inspired Designs and were featured in the Sun, Telegraph and Metro Newspapers in the United Kingdom.

During COVID19 lockdown in 2020 we expanded our product range to include Giant Pink Letter Molds that were very popular with our Resin Art Clients worldwide. 

This led to us expanding business with branches in USA, Brazil, Australia, Germany and China.

In 2023 we have created a new Apply/Android App that as well as our own products, showcases the amazing Resin and Cake Art made by our Artist Partners on our new Art_MarketPlace (TM) integrated platform. This means we are able to support our clients by showcasing their amazing art as well as showing the possibility for creativity using our moulds.

You’re sure to find what you’re looking for, or something to inspire your next baking session!

Check out our exclusive Giant Pink biscuit range, combining two of our favourite things in one. Biscuits and cakes!

Check out our exclusive Giant Pink Letter range, perfect for professional customized resin art including flower preservation every time. We also sell custom made stands in clear acrylic to make letters such as J, O, F, P, S etc. free standing with application of UV glue to fix the letters to the universal Giant Pink Letter stand product.

We add to our range regularly, so make sure you sign up to our Newsletter to stay up to date with product news and special offers. If you have any suggestions for molds we don’t feature, drop us an email at sales@moldyfun.com, or chat with us below!